Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Toyota Salesman

Rule 1, Inspect your Toyota Avanza when deliver to you, do not sign the document of acceptance until you are satisfy the car is in order - air condition, power window etc.

Rule 2, You have to constantly call the Salesman when your Toyot Avanza will be deliver the car, sometimes the Salesman might be playing dirty by giving the car to those who willing to offer under table money.

Rule 3, Do not get the Salesman service to install Toyota Avanza accessories, normally it will more expensive then you get it by yourself.

Rule 4, Do not engage with the Salesman to get car registration number, it is recommended that you get it by yourself as you will be the one to decide the car registration number.

Rule 5, lastly, the survey form on your Salesman from UMW Toyota, please fill them up and send back to UMW Toyota in order for UMW Toyota to improve their services further.

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