Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tyre Important Information

Every tyre has a sidewall marking – such as 185/70 R14 80 T – which identifies its size and characteristics. These markings can be analysed as follows:

185 The width of the tyre in millimeters.

70 The aspect ratio – this is the ratio of the tyre’s width to its height or ‘sidewall’. A ’70 series’ tyre is a tyre whose height is equal to 70% of its width. Low profile tyres have shallow sidewalls and correspondingly low aspect ratings.

R This denotes the tyre’s construction type – in this case it’s a radial. An R rated tyre should not be driven above 170km/h (106mph). A V rated tyre, by contrast, is capable of speeds of up to 149mph.

14 The diameter of the wheel rim in inches

80 Load index – this represents the maximum load capacity of a tyre when it’s driven at maximum speed. A tyre with a Li of 80 can bear a maximum load of 450kg.

10 Tips to Improve Your Car Fuel Economy

1. Follow the Recommended Maintenance

2. Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated

3. Take a Load Off

4. Don't Drive Aggressively

5. Use the Highest Gear Possible

6. Use Cruise Control — Selectively

7. Think Clean

8. Avoid Excessive Idling

9. Think Before You Vent(ilate)

10. Combine Your Errands

Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Toyota Avanza

UMW has launched new model of Toyota Avanza, the on road price for 1.5 is from
RM69,196.00 onwards and 1.3 is from RM61,270.00 onwards.

The new Toyota Avanza 1.5S model comes with:
* Radiator Grille
* Sporty Front Bumper
* Side Skirting
* Rear Bumper Spoiler